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Over a (24) hour period, teams of (3-5) students will have the opportunity to create anything their hearts desire using our 3D printers, laser cutters, design software, and much much more!

For your final submission you need to do these 3 things.

  1. Make a 1-2 minute video explaining, demonstrating, and selling your project and upload the video to Youtube
  2. Submit your team/project name, link your Youtube video, and nominate yourself for awards at this link: Project Submission Link
  3. Bring your project and necessary setup materials to the Maxwell Dworkin Lobby by 12:30 for judging!



  • Best Overall
    • This project is agreed upon by all judges present as the best project among all projects nominated for the Best Overall award. The winning project will have performed well in all judging criteria and be an elegant design to an important problem.
  • Most Likely to Become a Unicorn
    • This project is agreed upon by all judges present as the project that is most likely to get spun off into a startup with $1 billion or more valuation. As such, the winning project will not only be really impactful but also eventually could be monetized and become highly profitable.
  • Fan Favorite (Sponsored by Infosys)
    • The Fan Favorite category will be determined by the make-a-thon participants. Sponsored by Infosys.
  • Best Use of Right HandRobotics Takk Strips (1st Award)
    • Sponsored by RightHand Robotics 
  • Best Reverse Engineering (1st Award)
    • Sponsored by Sunstone Circuits
  • CleanTech (1st Award)
    • Sponsored by MassCEC
  • Best Tech for Transitioning through a Major Life Event (1st Award)
    • Sponsored by Fidelity Investments