First engineering hackathon at the historic Harvard University

We’re excited to announce the MakeHarvard makeathon created to empower engineers, designers and innovators.

MakeHarvard was founded upon a belief of the importance of a collaborative maker experience. We’re encouraging students to turn concepts into reality by providing them with a platform to envision their new ideas within teams and model a cohesive product using Computer Aided Design software – to turn engineering design platforms into a canvas for their wildest ideas.

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Any undergraduate student over the age of 18!

We do not filter our applications based on prior experience. Our team will look at applications on an individual basis and make careful decisions on how to make MakeHarvard a great experience for all. Think of MakeHarvard as an opportunity to meet people of all engineering experience levels!


To submit your project, you must submit the following things through Devpost.

  1. Table Number
  2. Team Name
  3. Team Member Names
  4. 200 Word Discription
  5. 1-2min Informational Video
  6. MLH Points

How to enter

Applications have been reviewed! Sign up here if you will join us in February!




Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Did the hackers think outside the box and come up with a clever solution that you might not have expected?
  • Depth
    Did the hackers explore all aspects of the stated problem and develop a solution that addresses the entire problem at hand?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Did the makers push themselves beyond their technical limits and exhibit a real willingness to learn new skills through the project?
  • Usability
    Is the finished product easy/intuitive to use? Is it safe and well-designed?
  • Value to Society
    Does the finished product attempt to address a real need in society and/or does it help advance a specific field of science or engineering?
  • Scalability
    Does the finished product have the potential to scale and become “the next big thing”? Can it potentially be deployed to benefit people all around the world? If this product/team became a company, would you invest your own money in the company?